Privacy Act Review Update

The recent Privacy Act Review by the Australian government is poised to have a notable effect on the financial services sector, especially regarding how they …

Nathan Kerr

anti phishing code security

Anti-Phishing Code

In recent times, an increasingly deliberate attempt has been witnessed towards social engineered scams, commonly known as “Phishing.” It is a sort of cyber-attack that …

Nathan Kerr

easy, simple, identity verification

Identity Verification Should be Simple, Not Easy

Easy Adjective /ˈiː.zi/ achieved without great effort, presenting few difficulties. Simple Adjective /ˈsɪmpl/ easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. Why should identity verification be …

Nathan Kerr

Current Identification Verification Flaws

The Flaws of the Current Identity Verification Process and its Contribution to the Rising Threat of Data Breaches The widespread practice of copying, transmitting, and …

Nathan Kerr

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