Federal budget 2024 and digital identity - computer hacker

Federal Budget 2024 and Digital Identity

The Australian Federal Government has committed $288.1 million over 4 years starting 2024-25 to improve, implement and execute its Digital Identity scheme. The scheme will …


2024 budget_fighting scams

Federal Budget 2024 and Fighting Scams

The 2024 federal budget delivered funding to combat scams and online fraud. A new Scams Code Framework will be established with $67.5 million of funding …


gateway service provider

Best Practice in Identity Management

An identity service provider or gateway service provider can assist you in digitally identifying your customers. So how are they different to an identity broker? …


anti-money laundering

Anti-Money Laundering for Financial Services

Money laundering, terrorism financing are significant risks faced by financial services so having a robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program in place is crucial. According to …


Privacy Act Review Update

The recent Privacy Act Review by the Australian government is poised to have a notable effect on the financial services sector, especially regarding how they …

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anti phishing code security

Anti-Phishing Code

In recent times, an increasingly deliberate attempt has been witnessed towards social engineered scams, commonly known as “Phishing.” It is a sort of cyber-attack that …

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