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How to Verify your clients

One Click Verify is a digital verification solution – assisting you in meeting your KYC / AML & CTF compliance and regulatory obligations, as part of a digital onboarding process – this can integrate with Iress Xplan to provide a One Click solution.


How to Get Started
Verifying Information
Express Passport Verification using NFC
Biometrics Authentication
Manual Verification
Photo ID
Common Issues

How to Get Started

One Click Verify simplifies the process of identity verification with its straightforward setup process.

You may start your verification process on your desktop computer by accessing the One Click Verify website or you can download the One Click Verify app from Google Play or the App Store. You may also accept an email invitation to set up One Click Verify during your onboarding journey at a partner organisation.

Verifying Information

Enter the required information as shown in the section below to register. You are required to enter your first and last name as known by the ATO.

personal email is preferred and must be unique to One Click Verify, much like MyGovID, as it is portable. For security reasons, only one client can be associated with each email address or mobile number.

After completing the registration of your One Click Verify account you will need to login using your email and password previously set up during registration.

To provide the highest standard of security, to protect you and your client, One Click Verify will require both verification codes from your email and registered mobile number.

Once email verification has been completed you will receive a verification code via your registered mobile number.

If you have changed your mobile number and not updated your One Click Verify profile you will need to contact one of your business administrators to update your details or perform an account recovery.

Express Passport Verification using NFC

(Near-Field Communication)

To complete your identity verification on One Click Verify mobile app, ensure you have the following:

  • A valid passport with a chip (ePassport)
  • A smartphone with front camera and NFC reader
  • The One Click Verify mobile app installed

Please refer to the example below, which depicts a typical dashboard that would be presented to a client before proceeding to the mobile application.

To download the One Click Verify mobile app, search for “One Click Verify” on Google Play or the App Store, as demonstrated below.

The following depicts a typical dashboard that would be presented to a client on One Click Verify mobile application.

You will need to complete either “Express Passport Check” or “Manual Verification” before the “Photo ID” section will be unlocked to you.

Click on the “Express Passport Check” button as shown below and follow the prompts.

Following on from that, turn on your camera on your mobile phone to capture your passport details, as shown below.

After capturing your passport details, follow the instructions below to read the NFC chip on your e-passport.

A notification will appear once your passport has been successfully read. It will then prompt you to complete a live facial authentication.

Biometrics Authentication

To complete the live facial authentication, follow the steps below.

Manual Verification

Should NFC fail, you may also verify yourself using manual verification.

Click on the “Manual Verification” button as shown below and follow the prompts.

Following on from that, you may enter your details manually in section demonstrated below.

After completing the manual verification process, the “Photo ID” section will be unlocked and highlighted in red as shown below.

Photo ID

The “Photo ID” section will be unlocked once you have completed manual verification. Select the “Photo ID” button as shown below.

Complete the Photo ID process by either manually uploading your most recent photograph. Alternatively, you can take a photo with the camera on your mobile phone.

After completing the photo ID section, the “Photo ID” button will appear as green as demonstrated below.

Common Issues

Common issues clients are presented with are:

  1. Name doesn’t match the name set up in the invitation – this is common with clients that are registered by different names with many government agencies such as Jonathan being registered as John or varying between married name and maiden name.
  2. Email address or mobile not matching the email or mobile set up in the initial invitation – if they wish to change this, they will have to contact the business to update and resend the invitation.

Client Failed Document Verification Check

If a client is unable to pass primary ID verification for whatever reason, they are able to upload supporting documents to be manually verified. Note: the file format must be png or jpg and less then 5mb each.

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