Best Practice in Identity Management

An identity service provider or gateway service provider can assist you in digitally identifying your customers. So how are they different to an identity broker? There is often confusion between the differences of the services provided by an identity broker and identity service provider. Read on to learn more!

Best Practice in Identity Management; Identity Broker or Full-Service Gateway Service Provider?

Engaging an identity broker or an identity service provider depends on the specific needs and objectives of your business. Prior to working out whether your identity management needs require an identity broker or a identity service provider, let’s look at what they both can do for your business.

Identity Broker

An identity broker primarily focuses on connecting identity information from multiple sources. It acts as an intermediary between identity providers and service providers, facilitating the exchange of authentication and authorization information. It helps in integrating various identity sources (like social media logins, enterprise directories, etc.) into a single access point for users. Identity brokers often provide Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, making it convenient for users to access multiple services with a single set of credentials.

Identity Service Provider

An identity service provider (IdP) is a gateway service provider such as One Click Verify. An identity service provider offers a broader range of identity-related services, which may include identity verification, authentication, access management, and sometimes, identity governance and administration services. An identity service provider will also typically be able to provide an AML (Anti-Money Laundering) check. IdPs typically manage the end-to-end process of identity and access, ensuring secure authentication and authorization for users accessing various applications and services.

Factors to Consider in Identity Management:

  1. Scope of Services Needed: If you require a comprehensive suite of identity-related verification services, an identity service provider might be more suitable.
  2. Integration Requirements: If you primarily need to integrate and manage various identity sources and focus on seamless user access (especially for external services), an identity broker could be what you’re chasing.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: In either solution consider the scalability of the solution and its adaptability to your business growth and changing needs.
  4. Security and Compliance: Evaluate the provider’s security measures and compliance with industry standards, especially if handling sensitive data.
  5. Innovation: Investigate the providers ability to provide a point of difference to engage with your customers.

Gateway Service Provider and Security

When it comes to Security and compliance in identity management, ensure this is top of your list when assessing any service provider. Utilising a Gateway Service Provider, you are selecting a service provider that is plugged directly into government databases and is handling extremely sensitive information. ISO or IRAP certification at a minimum is a must!

One Click Verify

One Click Verify is a gateway service provider. Security has been built into the DNA of One Click Verify, not only in protecting data, but also protecting your customers.

  • IRAP Certification – Protected Status via Australian Signals Directorate (Top Level of Cyber Compliance).
  • Compliance – One Click Verify built this platform with financial Services compliance in mind.
  • Auditing – Virtual Reference Number (VRN#) system can be utilised to provide 3rd Party ID Verification approvals with govt backed reconciliation upon request.
  • Customer Led ID Verification – One Click Verify enable the ability for the customer to control usage and storage of date within cyber compliance IRAP certified system.
  • Integration – One Click Verify is able to integrate and provide API driven access to its business clients for easy passage of data via secure cyber compliant email system for customer, business user and 3rd parties at the point of onboarding.
  • One of One Technology – One Click Verify owns and has built a one of one technology to provide Biometrics (liveness, likeness check) which is then matched to ePassports with 160 participating countries, allows for 100pt ID Verification in minutes.

Ultimately, the decision between an identity broker and an identity service provider hinge on your specific business requirements, the level of integration needed, the scope of identity-related services desired, and the overall security and compliance needs of your organization. In some cases, a hybrid approach using both types of services might be the most effective solution.

One Click Verify Gateway Service Provider

Businesses can quickly and accurately verify customer identity information thanks to One Click Verify’s automation of the identity verification process. We meet your KYC/AML requirements allowing you to rest easy that you know your customers and don’t have to retain identity documents. To accommodate companies of all sizes, we provide flexible pricing options. One Click Verify can give you the tools you need to streamline your identity verification process and AML Program requirements and safeguard your most valuable assets, whether you run a small startup or a large corporation.

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