Introducing Nathan Kerr

Introducing Nathan Kerr, the CTO of One Click Verify! As we kick off the new year, we’re thrilled to announce that Nathan Kerr will be leading the One Click Verify team in their mission to develop a reusable bound ID that offers fast and secure onboarding for clients, while also allowing them to control and protect their data with express consent.

What inspired the development of One Click Verify for all financial services?

While working on the One Click Life Operational Framework for the Australian Taxation Office, Nathan and his team found themselves verifying tens of thousands of Australians each year. In light of recent high-profile data breaches, Nathan realized that the need for a secure and efficient solution was more pressing than ever. “I couldn’t just stand around and watch this shit show keep happening,” he says.

What is One Click Verify working on right now?

In response to the recent data breaches, One Click Verify is working to give clients true ownership of their data by developing express consent. This feature will allow clients to be notified of who has access to their data and what data is being shared with third parties. Additionally, they are assisting businesses in transitioning away from storing and transmitting client data by highlighting the benefits of the Document Verification Service (DVS) and Virtual Reference Numbers (VRN) over traditional copies of identification.

What do you see as the next big thing in the industry?

For Nathan, the next big thing is to work with the industry to gain acceptance of VRN’s and secure Australia’s identity system from future data breaches. “Bound Id and express consent is the future of securing Australia’s data from future breaches,” he says.

Thoughts on the recent Privacy Amendment

While the amendment was a necessary response to recent data breaches, Nathan believes that there is still work to be done to update and clarify the AML/CTF Act. Specifically, he suggests that there needs to be more clarity around the interpretation and wording of “record keeping” requirements, and that the use of VRN’s could be an effective solution to meet these requirements.

What does Nathan see as the biggest challenges facing the digital identity system?

For Nathan, the biggest challenge is ensuring that digital ID systems are accessible and inclusive for all Australians, including those who may not have access to technology or traditional forms of identification. To address this, One Click Verify is making it a priority to create an inclusive system that addresses issues such as cultural diversity, access to technology, and literacy.

Where do you see One Click Verify in 12 months’ time?

While Nathan’s ultimate goal is a federated system of identity providers with no need for businesses to copy or store client identification, he recognizes that this may not be possible in the short term. However, he is optimistic that in 12 months, financial services will have adopted One Click Verify, with other industries following suit.

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